From Travel to
          "Any-wear, Every-wear" 

Designed and manufactured with great pride in Canada ,our Signature fabric collection was originally created as travel wear . We wanted to give women the freedom to live their lives without compromising on comfort, convenience and style. It wasn’t long before women were wearing our designs day and night – not just for travel. And that’s because our unified collection has the ability to transition smoothly from daytime, to afternoon, to evening – all the while, keeping women looking fabulous!

Pure Style…Without all the Effort

Our designs provide women with an effortless sense of style. Be it a sexy top, a classy bottom, a cute dress or a casual cover-up, each piece in our collection is set in a colour that naturally harmonizes with every other. Grab a complete outfit or mix and match to your heart’s content, we promise you’ll always look perfectly put together. 

Accentuating the Female Figure

Our extensive years of research have made us experts when it comes to the design of flattering apparel that accentuates the positive attributes of each woman’s unique figure. Code Vitesse clothing is elegant and slimming , complementing the parts you love , and hiding the parts you don’t . Women who choose Code Vitesse never struggle to look their best, it comes naturally. 

Our Name Says It All

Code Vitesse is a fresh, timeless, edgy, and comfortable clothing line designed for the modern woman . “Code” Represents dress code, system and our vision for today’s fashion-forward clothing that’s also highly functional and easy to wear. “Vitesse” means “speed” in French and it stands for the modern woman’s need for speed , for something quick and convenient that also makes a fabulous statement. 

It's Fast. It's Easy. It's Beautiful

Our Wrinkle Free fabric is ready when you are!
Here at Code Vitesse, we know your time is precious. We understand the importance of speed when it comes to getting ready, whether you’re leaving for work, dressing for a night out on the town, or attending an important business meeting. Ours is a collection that creates the perfect balance between modern, classy and edgy.

 Our signature fabric is wrinkle resistant, washable and the perfect  weight made in rich colours that are luxurious in both appearance and feel. Our loose comfortable fit maintains shape and style while providing breathable comfort. Our designs are timeless, transcending the seasons and allowing you to coordinate quickly and effortlessly as you mix, match, pack and go… any-wear, every-wear!