Creativity and Sass

Everyone has one friend who’s personality is so big and bubbly that it is able to put a smile on your face at any point through the day. Jemilla is that friend. From cracking jokes to singing along to her favourite playlist, Jemilla brings out the positive energy in her environment and makes everyone, even her busy co-workers, feel less stressed. Add that role to the list of things this #CodeVWoman is able to balance through her colourful young adulthood.

Jemilla puts her creative energy and drive to work as a stylist, helping customers gain confidence and find their inner Diva and personal style. Jemilla is a pursuing a business and marketing degree and completed a full-time internship this summer working with us here at Code Vitesse. While she’s rocking the “Adulting” thing, Jemilla still finds time to let her curls out. Between commuting from job to job to school, Jemilla can be found on the dance floor or on the comedy stage where she shares her hilarious spin on being a Millennial.

Jemilla discovered Code Vitesse during her internship this year and quickly fell in love with the rich colours and textures. Jemilla is one to go against the grain, challenge the norm and accentuate her assets. With the prevalence of fashion in her life, the versatility of the Code Vitesse line has helped Jemilla showcase her unique style which is greatly influence by her proud heritage.

Thanks Jemilla for helping to encourage your community to embrace who they are, and for continuously rocking your confidence with an infectious smile. True to form, you’ve challenged the target market guideline to prove that Women of Code Vitesse transcend the norm.


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August 13, 2018 — Jillian Bowman