Confident & Cultured

If you are looking for someone to go hiking through Algonquin Park with, or have a chat about the latest best selling book , Ann is the woman for the job. Ann is one of the most intelligent and cultured women you will ever meet. She is the supportive mother of five, and Grannie Ann to eleven grandkids, although you would never be able to guess that by looks alone. But one quick chat with Ann and you'll know how proud she is of her family. Ann always makes sure her kids and grandkids are well recognized for even the smallest of achievements. She makes every possible sporting event, dance recital and celebratory event, and does so with great style.

Her passion for adventure has taken her travelling around the globe, making for amazing dinner time stories. You will never find anyone who loves to get out into the wilderness on a portaging trip, or extended escapes to the cottage as much as she does, but her love for the great outdoors is balanced by an equal love of the arts, music, literature and world travel.

When your interests are as multi-faceted as Ann’s you need a wardrobe that will be able to keep up and transition from morning hikes, to fulfilling the role of supportive wife, mother, and Grannie Ann during the day, while still making it to the theatre in the evening. Code Vitesse is able to match Ann’s chic versatility and confidence while keeping up to her contagious energy all day.

Thanks Ann for redefining the rules of being a Grannie, sharing your many passions and interests with those around you, and for being a quintessential Woman of Code Vitesse.


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August 27, 2018 — Jillian Bowman