Code Vitesse

Terms of Service


1. This purchase order is a term sale by which the seller CODE VITESSE reserves ownership of the property of the goods until full payment of the sale price, notwithstanding procession by the buyer.

2 The seller shall not be responsible for delays in delivery, for partial delivery or for failure to deliver a good or the goods listed in the purchase order.

3 The seller has the right to refuse to deliver and/or to cancel a purchase order notably if the seller considers the buyer’s credit to be unsatisfactory or if the buyer refuses to accept the seller’s terms of payments prior to delivery.

4 The buyer cannot cancel a purchase order unless the seller's prior authorization is granted in writing.

5 Any cancellation of order made by the buyer without the authorization of the seller and before the buyer's acceptance of the delivery of the goods, gives the seller the right to claim from the buyer the cost of the goods upon their departure from the seller’s place of business.

6 No good may be returned by the buyer nor credited by the seller without obtaining a prerequisite return authorization number.

7 Any claim from the buyer must be made within ten (10) days of the delivery of the goods.

8 The buyer may not benefit from any other terms and conditions without the seller's written authorization.

9 This contract is formed in Toronto and is governed by the law of Ontario.